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BRELA Online Registration System (ORS)

The Registrar of Companies has issued a notice that all Companies registered before 1st February 2018 (commencement of online registration system) to apply for the files to be moved into Electronic filing system. The application must be made by a director, secretary or authorized representative of the Company. Before moving the file into ORS, the Registrar of Companies will review company details provided and advise if a reconciliation is required or not.

Registration requirements

Registration in the ORS is only possible once relevant forms have been correctly filled and filed. The following information is required for the file to be moved into ORS:

  • NIDA IDs in case of local directors and company secretary;
  • Copy of passports in case of foreign directors;
  • Latest audited financial statement of the Company;
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) of the Company;
  • NIDA IDs in case of local shareholders;
  • Copy of certificate of Incorporation in case of corporate shareholders;
  • Email addresses, telephone number, physical address of shareholders, directors, company secretary and authorized representatives.
Compliance period

Companies have been given a period of six months to move their files into ORS. Bearing in mind the fact that the notice is effective from 22 March 2018, Companies are as of today left with less than five (5) months to complete this compliance process.

Consequences of non-compliance

Companies that will fail to comply will be blocked from obtaining compliance services from BRELA such as making statutory changes, (for example changes to directors, shareholders, etc.), filing of returns, filing of special resolutions and other services. Failure to interact with BRELA will mean failure to transact with government institutions and other financial institutions as well.

Ark Roles in the process

We are happy to assist Companies with this transition by uploading relevant information and ensuring the files are moved into ORS. Kindly revert in case you require our support on this.

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