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Updating Company and Business Names information in BRELA’s Online Registration System (ORS)

On 27 September 2019, BRELA issued a notice to the public requiring all companies and business names which were registered prior to the commencement of ORS system (i.e. prior to 1 February 2018) to be updated into ORS. A copy of the notice can be accessed through BRELA website.

Time frame

A period of ninety (90) days has been given for companies and business names to be updated on ORS. BRELA has not indicated what will be the consequences for failure to update the records within a given time. However, we advise that you ensure your company or business name information are updated on ORS within the given time.

Based on our experience different government Authorities such as Labour Commissioner, Immigration and other Licensing Authorities demand official search report from BRELA. Failure to update the records, companies might experience difficulties in dealing with licensing Authorities and Banks.

 What is required during the process?

Among other, local directors are required to have National Identification Number (NIN) and as issued by the National Identification Authority (NIDA) and Tax Identification Number (TIN).

NIN can now be issued within two days as indicated in the public notice issued by both BRELA and NIDA through BRELA website. As for foreign directors, it is mandatory to have and upload copies of their passports (detailed page only).

Important things to consider

BRELA urge the business community to observe the following during the process:

  • To complete this process either individually or through the help of a professional and knowledgeable consultant with a firm understanding of all regulatory requirements and laws; and
  • To submit completed information.
Our role in the process

Ark would be happy to assist in this process. We can confirm we have the required professional knowledge and capacity to assist you on this matter. You can contact us through our usual contact details.


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This publication is intended to provide you with a general compliance guide and does not constitute a professional tax advice. Do contact us in case of any questions requiring a formal advice or position of the law.

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