Questions Answered

Q.What professional services does Ark provide?

Ark offers an extensive range of professional services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our services include accounting support, audit and assurance, legal support (covering labour, immigration, corporate administration, litigation, and liquidation), mergers, acquisitions, and investment support, as well as tax compliance and advisory services, including expert guidance on transfer pricing. These services benefit clients by ensuring financial compliance, efficiency, and strategic decision-making.

Q. What certifications and affiliations does Ark have to ensure the quality of your services?

Our commitment to excellence and efficient work processes allows Ark to provide timely, high-quality services. We pride ourselves on our unique approach to knowledge management, ensuring that our team thoroughly understands your needs. All tasks are reviewed and refined by senior team members with relevant expertise before delivery to our clients, setting us apart as a service provider that prioritizes precision and client satisfaction.

Q. Can you provide more insight into Ark's approach to addressing client compliance needs?

Our approach is rooted in a profound understanding of our clients' unique compliance needs. We employ efficient work processes, timely responses, and a commitment to delivering quality service. Every task is rigorously reviewed and enhanced by our senior team members with the expertise needed, ensuring that our clients receive meticulously refined solutions to their compliance requirements.

Q.Could you share examples of the types of projects or clients you've worked with in the past?

Ark has an extensive portfolio of experience in consultancy services. We've successfully tackled diverse projects, including group restructuring, staffing requirement assessments, creating tax-efficient plans, and advising on tax implications for planned business structures. Additionally, we've helped clients manage various business risks, particularly in areas such as taxation and other corporate aspects, ensuring their long-term success.

Q. Does Ark have a strong track record in international taxation and donor-funded projects?

Absolutely, Ark's technical expertise extends to international taxation, covering topics like local content legislations, transfer pricing assignments, withholding taxes on international related billings, taxation of returns from investments by foreigners, land acquisition and formalization (especially in Zanzibar), branch profit taxes, and other regulatory reforms. We've also been actively involved in donor-funded projects and possess significant experience in navigating tax exemption procedures in Tanzania, making us a trusted partner for your international and development-related financial needs.

Q. What types of projects or clients have you worked with in the past?

Ark has a vast portfolio of projects and clients that span various industries and sectors. We have been actively involved in consultancy services, providing invaluable support in areas such as group restructuring, staffing requirements, tax efficiency planning, and advising on tax implications for planned business structures. We have also guided clients in managing business risks, with a focus on key risk areas, including taxation and other aspects of corporate governance. Our legal team complements these efforts, ensuring that our clients receive a holistic and highly valuable service.